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International journal of Business science and & Applied Management
The mission of the International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management is to enhance the dissemination of knowledge across the business and management community. The key disciplines are e-business, general management, international business, strategy, marketing, supply chain management, organization studies, entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation, and human resource management

Asian Journal of Management Research
It publishes scholarly articles from the areas of management, management principles, and recent inventions in management, company management, financial management, human resources, accounting, marketing, operations management, human resource management, statistics, international business, information technology, environment, risk management, globalization and related areas.

The Asia Pacific Journal of Management

The Asia Pacific Journal of Management publishes original manuscripts on management and organizational research in the Asia Pacific region, encompassing Pacific Rim countries and mainland Asia. 

Business and Management Review (BMR)
Business and Management Review (BMR) is an international open-access and online journal that is published monthly. The topics may include a wide range of research areas in Business and Management.

Serbian Journal of Management
This journal started in 2006 with an aim to publish works on theory and practice of management.

International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI)
IJBMI publishes research articles and reviews within the whole field Business and Management, new teaching methods, assessment, validation and the impact of new technologies

Wall Street and Technology Online
This site provides the issues of the journal wall street and technology online. Also various information and updates on trading technology, Exchanges, Asset Management, Data security, Compliance and risk management.

Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management
Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management provides the rapid monthly publication of articles in all areas related to Entrepreneurship & Organization Managemen

Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review
The Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (AJBMR) provides framework for conveying various research and academic brilliance in the field of business and management.

Journal of Business & Financial Affairs
Journal of Business & Financial Affairs (BSFA), a broad-based journal was founded on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of Business & Financial Affairs. Secondly, to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing and to disseminate the articles freely for research, teaching and reference purposes.

Business and Management Journals
This site provide all the open access journals in management field

American Journal of Industry and Business Management
It covers articles on industry and business management

Open Journal of business and management
It covers all management journals

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