Societies is a peer-reviewed, international and interdisciplinary scholarly open access journal that brings together the social sciences and humanities to enhance our scientific understanding of the social realm, from ancient times to the future

Canadian journal of sociology
The Canadian Journal of Sociology publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research articles and innovative theoretical essays by social scientists from around the world, providing insight into the issues facing Canadian society as well as social and cultural systems in other countries. 

Qualitative Sociology
The journal offers both theoretical and analytical research, and publishes manuscripts based on research methods such as interviewing, participant observation, ethnography, historical analysis, content analysis and others which do not rely primarily on numerical data. All papers are reviewed.

American Journal of Sociological Research
It is a peer reviewed journal contributes to all of the social sciences

Sociology mind
The main purpose and goal of Sociology Mind (SM) is to synergize sociological imagination in the 21st century toward a critical understanding of new social and cultural forces that call for scientific interpretation and analysis of facts and values.

Qualitative Sociology Review
Qualitative Sociology Review publishes empirical, theoretical and methodological articles applicable to all fields and specializations within sociology. 

Studies in Sociology of Science (SSS)
It is a peer-reviewed open access journal that focuses on the explorations of scientific knowledge from a perspective of social science. It encourages interdisciplinary dialog and exchange among sociologists and professionals working in related areas.

Journal of Applied Sociology
Journal of Applied Sociology is a quarterly journal, published in order to distribute original research accomplishments within the field of sociology, help finding social problems and solving them, and establishing active scientific relationships among researchers of the social sciences.

The Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice (JSI)
It is an open access; double blind peer reviewed academic Journal. JSI aims to promote available academic research and reflections on practice in social intervention to a readership of academics and professionals.

CULTURE AND SOCIETY. Journal of Social Research
It  is a peer-reviewed social research journal founded in 2009 at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. It presents interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical scholarship in social sciences.

The Socio-Legal Review (SLR)
It is a student-edited, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published by the Law and Society Committee of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. SLR aims to be a forum that involves, promotes and engages students and scholars to express and share their ideas and opinions on themes and methodologies relating to the interface of law and society.

The Journal of Family Strengths (JFS)
It is formerly Family Preservation Journal, is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal produced by the CHILDREN AT RISK Institute in partnership with the Center for Family Strengths at the University of Houston-Downtown and the Texas Medical Center Library. JFS is devoted to presenting theoretical, policy, practice, and evaluation articles on the strengths perspective in family-centered practice to improve services that promote and sustain family systems.

The International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies (IJCYFS)
It is a peer reviewed, open access, interdisciplinary, cross-national journal that is committed to scholarly excellence in the field of research about and services for children, youth, families and their communities.

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